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Hi, I am Timsi!

An Artist, A mother and A teacher

Let's Art Studio is my passion project. I inclined towards art ever since I was a kid and wished to spread the joy of creating.


Nothing can level up to the satisfaction when I get covered in paint. As a mother and a teacher, I understand what art can stimulate in kids.


My mission is to help develop artistic skills, spark curiosity, and promote imagination in young children. I want to inspire creative thinking from a young age to use it as a weapon in developing lifelong skills.


How we started?

I started Let's Art in 2015, almost on a whim. I was looking for an art teacher for my son, but it was one hell of a struggle. After many days when I couldn't find the right tutor, I taught him myself. I love teaching him art. My son is an Origami artist and the most diligent student I could ever ask for. He is a creative and critical thinker.


Kids don't overthink while making art. Their aim is satisfaction and not perfection. I can see the difference in a child when taught at an early age. And so, I started teaching process art to young kids.


Let's Art is a growing art community. You as parents need to see the growth in your kids when they create without restrictions. Let them enjoy the process of art-making and explore at their own pace. And if they make a mess along the way, don't stop them.  Let them kids have fun. Embrace the mess and celebrate it!

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"Every Child is An ARTIST."


- Maestro Pablo Picasso

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