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Baby Picasso

( For 1-3-year-olds)

Art Exploration

Once a week for an hour. Mommy & me class.


The early years are significant in helping your child's emotional and social growth. In our program, we help your child explore different art forms and materials. Helping them experiment through open-ended activities and play sessions.


Our program covers techniques like Lego building, working with clay, printmaking, gluing, sculpting. We help your child develop sensory perceptions in the initial growth years. We offer make-up turn once a month only.


Monday: 6pm-7pm

Tuesday: 5pm-6pm

Wednesday: 5 pm-6 pm

Wednesday: 6pm-7pm

Thursday: 4 pm-5 pm

Thursday: 6 pm-7 pm

Saturday: 10 am-11:00 am

Saturday:  12pm-1 pm

Friday: 5pm-6 pm

Friday: 6 pm-7 pm

Junior Picasso

( For 3-5-year-olds)

Art Evolution

The art evolution program helps kick start the artistic instincts in your child. By this age, your child's thinking process is developing. They will become creative thinkers, solve problems, and this is a great time to introduce intense art forms.


We teach them to distinguish between colors and create various crafts. The kids learn to doodle, draw with crayons and paint on different materials. We offer make-up turn once a month only.



Monday: 5pm -6pm

Tuesday: 4pm-5pm

Tuesday: 6 pm-7 pm

Wednesday: 4 pm-5 pm

Thursday: 5 pm-6 pm

Friday: 4 pm-5 pm

Saturday: 11am-12pm

Senior Picasso

(For 5-7 year-olds)

The budding artist program teaches your kid creativity and self-expression. Your child will explore diverse art mediums like oil pastels, watercolors, and paints. We introduce unique art techniques like weaving, sculpting, and drawing at this stage.

Besides the scheduled recurring classes, we do workshops as well. In the past, kids have loved our Giant Ginger House workshop. We created a giant house for the little elves to have fun and make a mess in. The kids adored the workshop! We offer make-up turn once a month only.


Monday: 4 pm-5 pm

Saturday: 2pm-3pm


Adult Classes


(For Mommies Daddies & senior citizens)

Every week we do any kind of mediums like water color,acrylics for anyone who is wanting to learn art. This is a fun class to help you unwind and let your creative juices flow. Anyone who is not into art and want to learn basics can also join us. We do step by step so its easy to follow.


Tuesday: 10am-11am



At Let's Art, we believe in creating a wholesome learning environment for your child and hence, do not limit ourselves to the four walls. Throughout each year, we organize various camps for different age groups.

 Schedule: Depends on upcoming camps. We will share updates here.

A glimpse in the past

1. Toddler Christmas Tree Decor (Toddlers)

2. Canvas Painting Workshop (Kids)

3. Christmas Camp (3 years and up)

4. Christmas Small World (3 years and up)



The fun never stops! Let's Art enjoys bringing life to your child's birthday parties and get-togethers. We host exciting birthday parties, mind-blowing playdates, and even ladies' kitty parties.we also host arty corporate events.  The best part? We manage all the mess.

Sensory Activities

SensoRy Kits

Sensory activities allow children to explore, discover, and learn while engaging their senses. These activities are essential mindful activities that are natural and organic to us. They aid in the development of motor skills and encourage scientific thinking. They help develop language skills and build new nerve connections in the brain.


Do you want your child to experience open-ended play? We design the sensory kits to promote hands-on learning and develop imaginative power. The colourful kits are theme-based and filled with endless possibilities to play, explore and create.


Hand-crafted kits are available for sale at our studio.

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